Board of Health

Zanesville-Muskingum County Board of Health

The Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department is governed by a 7-person Board with members appointed by the City of Zanesville, the Health District Advisory Council and the Health District Licensing Council. Each member serves a 6-year term and is eligible for reappointment. Board of Health meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6pm, with special sessions called as needed. Meetings are held at ZMCHD and are open to the public. For information, call 454-9741 extension 282.


Board of Health Members

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Paul Nestor                          Jim Shepherd                           Jennifer Agin                            Bill Bird
Funeral Director                    Professor                                 CPA                                     Resident Manager/Chef
Hillis, Combs & Nestor          Zane State College                   Wolfe, Wilson, Phillips          Village Academy

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Lee Roach, PHD                   Thomas Ruggles, MD                James Brown
Psychologist                        Retired                                     Attorney, Cultice & Brown




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