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ZMCHD is responsible for licensing and inspection of food service operations and retail food establishments including restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops, concession trailers, food vending machines, temporary food sales at events, delis and grocery stores. Public health sanitarians help maintain sanitary standards by checking for cleanliness and proper food handling. The State of Ohio requires a minimum of one to four inspections per year (depending on type of license).


Temporary food services and retail food establishments are not held to the same equipment standards as restaurants. However, depending on the menu, the equipment provided must afford proper food temperature and storage control as easy as a cooler packed with ice to an electric cooler. A method to wash your hands must also be provided.


Ohio law requires a food service license for anyone who prepares or serves meals or portions of a meal for a charge or required donation. This includes hot or cold sandwiches, pizza, sloppy joes, etc., but generally does not include operations serving only soft drinks, popcorn, candy bars, snacks, etc.


Fees for Food Service Operation & Retail Food Establishment
License fees depend on risk level (1-4), commercial or non-commercial, and if the establishment is less than or greater than 25,000 square feet in size.

Fees for Temporary Food Service
License fees are $50.00 per event for commercial operations and $25.00 for non-profit organizations. The license is valid for up to five days.

Foodborne Illness Complaints

We investigate foodborne illness complaints from the public: 740-454-9741.


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Food Safety Education

We provide free food safety courses for food handlers to increase their knowledge of food safety and the regulations we use during the inspections of the facilities in Muskingum County.


Food Handler/Food Manager Training Classes
State Food Safety Employee Classroom Course (Level One)
is scheduled at ZMCHD annually FREE of charge.
For information, contact your inspector.

State Food Safety Employee Online Course (Level One)

ServSafe Starters Employee Online Course (Level One)

Food Safety Toolkit

3 Sinks To Wash Utensils

Cooking Temperatures

Cooling Foods

Wash Hands Often

No Bare Hand Contact!

Refrigerator Storage



Email Adam Dickerson, RS or call 740-454-9741 extension 236   

Email Jason Tilton, RS or call 740-454-9741 extension 291
Email Tom Stratford, RS or call 740-454-9741 extension 292


Food Service Operation/Retail Food Establishment Guide to Licensing

New Food Establishment Plan Review Application

Mobile Food Service Plan Review Application

Temporary Food Service Guide to Licensing

Temporary Food Service Application



Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code

Food Safety for Groups & Outside Events

Power Outages: Information for Food Service Operators

Power Outages: Information for Homeowners
Clean-up and Disinfection for Norovirus

Employee Health Policy Agreement

Water Outages & Boil Advisories Packet