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Mosquitoes can carry diseases that are spread to man and animals: Lacrosse Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, Easter Equine Encephalitis, or West Nile Encephalitis. ZMCHD conducts mosquito control activities to reduce the incidence of these diseases.

To Request Mosquito Spraying: 454-9741 extension 300
If you live in Muskingum County and would like to request spraying for your neighborhood, call the number listed above. Report your name and address of the complaint. We do not have the staff to answer these calls personally; however, calls are retrieved daily to set the spraying schedule (see below).

Matt Hemmer, RS or call 454-9741 extension 232.

What You Can Do: Mosquito brochure

Mosquito Spraying Schedule
Date: Location

5/20/13: Flood pools near Tri-Valley High School

5/30/13: Dresden, Mitchell Hill, Maplebrook, Country Club, Findlay Ave

6/7/13: Dresden Road, Muskingum Township

6/7/13: Mansfork Road & Dietz Lane, Duncan Falls

6/7/13: Wild Bills Campground

6/11/13: Dresden

6/12/13: Tri Valley HS Dresden, Coal Run Road Washington, Riverside Zanesville

6/13/13: Frazeysburg

6/14/13: Sweetheart Dr Perry Township, Irish Ridge Rd Philo, Clay St Dresden

6/14/13: Friendly Hills Campground, Findley Ave Zanesville

6/17/13: Tri Valley HS Dresden

6/18/13: Duncan Falls, Licking Township, West Main St

6/19/13: McIntire Avenue & Lenox Avenue, Zanesville

6/20/13: National Rd Elementary, Washington Township,

6/20/13: Little John Drive, Wayne Township

6/20/13: Eastward Circle Northpointe & Ritchey Road, Zanesville

6/25/13: Chester St, South Zanesville

6/26/13: Railroad tracks, Roseville

6/27/13: WWTF, Dresden & Dresden Rd, Zanesville

7/2/13: Muskingum County Speedway, Tri Valley High School, Clay St Dresden

7/2/13: Airport Rd, Perry Township

7/3/13: Dresden & Frazeysburg

7/9/13: Findlay Ave & Ball Rd Zanesville, Friendly Hills Campground

7/9/13: Linden Ave & Dresden Rd Zanesville, Chester St S. Zanesville

7/10/13: Licking Rd Zanesville, SR 146 Wayne Township

7/11/13: North River Rd & Neal Ave

7/16/13: WWTF Dresden, Raiders Run Rd Adams Mills

7/17/13: Gaysport & Mansfork Rd Duncan Falls

7/17/13: Longview Ave & N. Samuel Dr Zanesville

7/18/13: Miller Farms Campground, Tri Valley High School Dresden

7/23/13: Chester & Race Streets S. Zanesville, Sunrise Zanesville, Clay St Dresden

7/23/13: Bridge St Adams Mills, Boat Ramp Dresden, Adamsville Rd & SR 93

7/30/13: Chandlersville, Dresden, Duncan Falls

7/31/13: Morgan Lane, Cannelville

8/1/13: Tri Valley High School, Dresden

8/6/13: Lee, Jackson & Keen Streets in Zanesville; Findlay Ave area, Zanesville

8/6/13: Short & Raiders Rd, Frazeysburg

8/7/13: Vista View Drive

8/27/13: Riverside Airport Rd, East Highland, Willow Dr, Laurel Ridge

8/27/13: Cedar Hills, Vicki Lane, Cook Dr, Dillon Hills

9/10/13: Dresden, Dresden-Adamsville Rd, Cass Irish Rd, Ellis Dam State Park

9/19/13: Cutler Lake, Dresden, Duncan Falls,

9/26/13: Dresden Rd Falls Twp, Greengold Rd Zanesville