Community Health Promotion & Planning

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Tobacco Use Prevention Activities
The Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department works with community leaders to decrease tobacco use in Muskingum County by encouraging tobacco-free environments and promoting cessation efforts. This program is funded by the Tobacco Community Prevention and High Need Population Grant (Ohio Department of Health).


Tobacco-Free Schools
Tobacco-free schools promote healthy lifestyles and provide positive role-modeling for children. You can encourage your school district to adopt and enforce tobacco-free policies that prohibit tobacco use at all time on all school property by students, teachers, spectators, and visitors. Contact your school board members to express your concern and ask them to take action to protect children from exposure to secondhand smoke and set a healthy example for students to follow.

Tobacco Free Schools Model Policy Tobacco Free Schools Policy Report Card


Smoke-Free Housing
In addition to the important health benefits of reducing exposure to secondhand smoke, restricting smoking can decrease the risk of accidental fires and may even reduce fire insurance premiums. Landlords may also see a significant reduction in maintenance and turnover costs. Cleaning and refurbishing a smokers unit can require additional time and effort to repaint and to replace carpets and drapes. By prohibiting smoking in individual units and common areas, landlords can see significant cost-savings. A Toolkit for Residents of Multi Family Housing


5As (Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist, Arrange)

Evidence shows patients are more likely to quit tobacco use if they receive consistent quit messages from healthcare providers. The Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department is able to train healthcare providers to use the 5As methodology with all patients.


Tobacco Free Workplaces
Tobacco use is a leading cause of worker lost production time, more than alcohol abuse or family emergencies. Unlike smoke-free indoor policies, tobacco-free workplace policies are not solely designed to protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke, but rather are also intended to encourage employees to improve their health by quitting the use of tobacco products.



For information: email Cesley Hayes or call 740-454-9741 extension 262.


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