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About Muskingum County Vital Records

Vital records include Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Paternity Affidavits and Burial Permits. The Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department (ZMCHD) maintains records of Births and Deaths occurring within the City of Zanesville and Muskingum County from December 20, 1908 to present.


ZMCHD can now issue birth certificates for individuals born anywhere in Ohio after 1908. This eliminates the need to visit the county of birth to obtain a certificate. There is no additional charge for this expanded service.


Older Birth and Death Records from 1867 to December 19, 1908 and Marriage Certificates, are provided by Muskingum County Probate Court, Courthouse, Zanesville, OH 43701. Call 455-7113 or e-mail Prior to 1867, Ohio law did not require records to be kept.




Genealogy Research: Searches are conducted as time allows and a small fee is applied. We do accept requests through the mail and will return information requested as soon as time allows. No copies of documents are issued. If you require a legal document, a State certified certificate will be issued at a cost of $22.00. Please note that processing of current documents will take precedence over research of genealogy documents. Telephone inquiries are not accepted for genealogy research or verifications.