Broken Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb 

The information provided in the link will assist you in the cleanup of a broken compact fluorescent light bulb.

Broken Thermometer and Mercury Spills 

The health department encourages the cleanup of a broken thermometer with mercury or any other device by professionals. The health department will not respond to a mercury spill. The cleanup requires training and special equipment. Our education on mercury confirmed the best cleanup is by those professionals trained and with the right tools for the job. Mercury, once it hits the floor, breaks up into many small beads. An effective and thorough clean up requires a trained professional.

The link,Mercury Spill Contractors is a list of contractors able to respond to mercury spills including a broken mercury thermometer.

The health effects are too great not to rely on professional service.


Disposal of Mercury and Mercury Containing Devices 

You have a mercury containing device or discover a jar of mercury. Please contact anyone of the companies at the link below for disposal options or to arrange collection. Note: Open this site Mercury Collection & Disposal Contractors and click on Search Again For Recyclers and environmental Service Providers; select Mercury Recyclers.

Ohio Department of Health Fact Sheets

Mercury Fact Sheet
Mercury Spills Fact Sheet
Mercury Cleanup Kit
Mercury in the Household



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