Mosquito Control

There are several illnesses/diseases transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. The most common in our area is West Nile virus. However, in 2016, Zika virus has also shown in Ohio in people who have returned from parts of the world where Zika virus has been spreading rapidly. ZMCHD provides mosquito control activities to reduce the spread of these viruses.

Request Spraying & Report Problem Areas: 740-454-9741 extension 300. If you live in Muskingum County you may request spraying for your neighborhood. Call the number listed above. Report your name and address of the complaint. We do not have staff to answer these calls personally; however, calls are retrieved daily to set the Spray Schedule below.

Prevent Mosquito-borne Disease
You can reduce your risk of being infected with mosquito-borne illness/disease by using insect repellant and wearing protective clothing to prevent mosquito bites.

Zika Virus Ohio Dept of Health Website

Mosquito Control for Zika Virus

Mosquito Control Activities Brochure

What Do We Spray?
Duet Resource Guide

Matt Hemmer, RS or call 740-454-9741 extension 232.

Spray Schedule

5/26/2017     SR 60 & Clay St Dresden

5/27/2017     SR 60 & Clay St Dresden

5/31/2017     SR 60 Muskingum Speedway, SR 146 & Meadowview Nashport

6/1//2017     Canal Road Frazeysburg, SR 60 & Frazeysburg Road

6/2/2017     Dresden Locks, SR 16 & Raiders Rd Frazeysburg, SR 16 & SR 60 Frazeysburg

6/6/2017     Clay Street Dresden

6/7/2017     Cannelville Rd Cannelville, Old River Road Blue Rock, SR 146 & Zane State

6/7/2017     SR 146 & Arrowpoint Dr

6/8/2017     Carton & Mitchell Hill, Dresden, Ellis Dam, Trinway & Kendra, Blue Rock, Nashport

6/12/2017    National Road Elementary

6/14/2017    Duncan Falls, Philo, State St. Frazeysburg

6/14/2017     Lee St, Findley Ave, Moorehead Ave, N Samuel, West Ray Dr, Zanesville



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