Vision Resources


This program provides a free eye exam and glasses, if prescribed, to people who qualify. Sponsored by VSP (Vision Service Plan).

Sight For Students (Under 18 years old) Mobile Eyes Program (for adults)

How To Apply

1. Contact: Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department by phone 740-454-9741 X 255 OR by email
2. A one-page application form is completed for the applicant.
3. The form is sent to Prevent Blindness Ohio.
4. If the applicant meets the requirements, a voucher will be sent to the ZMCHD within 2-3 weeks. When the voucher is received, the secretary will help you schedule an appointment.


1. Applicant’s family income is no more than 200% of federal poverty guidelines (Example: A family of 4 earning less than $48,500 a year. The secretary will help you determine this.)
2. Not enrolled in Medicaid or other vision insurance.
3. Child is 18 years old or younger (for Sight For Students).
4. Is a U.S. citizen or documented immigrant with a Social Security Number.
5. Haven’t used a VSP Vision Care program during the last 24 months

Click here for the Program Flyer.