Public Pools, Spas & Beaches Licensing & Inspection

ZMCHD licenses and inspects public swimming pools, spas and bathing beaches to ensure safe and sanitary conditions at these facilities. Swimming pools are tested for chlorine or other disinfectant levels, pH, Total Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, Water Clarity, and other parameters. Facilities are also checked to make sure all equipment is operating properly, required safety equipment is present, life guards (if required) are certified and that there enough guards on duty. Summer pools are usually checked monthly during the operating season. Indoor pools are checked less often, but throughout the entire year. 

Bathing Beaches

Bathing Beaches are inspected for safety compliance and water samples are collected and analyzed for bacteria to determine if the water quality is acceptable for swimming.

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Bathing Beach Resolution 2017

Jason Tilton, RS  or call 740-454-9741 extension 291.

Resources and Links 

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