Private Water Systems

Private Water System Permits & Inspection

Private water systems, including wells, cisterns, and ponds used for drinking water are regulated by the Ohio Private Water Systems Regulations (Ohio Administrative Code 3701-28). A permit must be issued by the health department prior to installing or altering a private water system. New systems are inspected and then tested for safe drinking water. Samples may also be taken from existing water supplies where owners are concerned about water quality.

Permits for New Water Systems
The following information is required to complete the application:

1.    Address of the property

2.    A sketch of the property indicating locations of the dwelling, sewage system, property lines and proposed water source

3.    Name of private water system contractor

4.    Your signature

5.   The permit fee

The permit fee for a new water system is $414.00.
An alteration to an existing system permit is $265.00.

Permits for Connecting to Public Water
New Public Water Customers
The permit fee for connecting to public water is $90.00.

Water Well Sampling Before Gas Well Drilling
Shale Fracking
Water Well Sampling

The Health Department has the ability to collect water well samples for individuals concerned with water well contamination in conjunction with gas drilling. Contact us for more information.

How Deep is My Water Well?
Well Log Search

South of U.S. Route 40: Michael Cruze, SIT or call 740-454-9741 extension 227.
North of U.S. Route 40: Matt Hemmer, RS or call 740-454-9741 extension 232.

Private Water System Contractors
The Health Department has a listing of private water system contractors that are bonded through the Ohio Department of Health.  For this list, email or call 740-454-9741 extension 282. A pamphlet describing driller and homeowner responsibilities in the approval process is also available by request.

Real Estate Inspection Information
Real Estate Inspection Application

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